Missi (starlustmissi) wrote,

This is a "friends" only journal type thing.

I'm not interesting, I swear.

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we have a lot in common, and so I added you to my list. be happy. ;)
Just wanted to be amongst the FIRST to wish you a:

VERYYYYYYYYY=Y-y+y H=A-PP+yY B+RthDa=Y!!!!=!{}}}{!!!

Yep - happy b-day to ya! I hope it's a SUPER-DUPER-UPER good one!!!!!!


ur best enemy,

// jayse
hey missi i added you to my friends list so can you please add me to yours thanks i dont really update my journal anymore but i would like to read yours :) :) ())snorlax))>
hey grrrl.... I tried to get a hold of you today.. but i dunno what happened.. i got sad... hmmmm ok.... talk to you later.. by the way if i had a livejournal i would be your friend...... xoxoxoxo <3
hey i added you to mine... this is Sarah Anne btw


November 26 2003, 14:30:18 UTC 14 years ago

hey, do you know if there's a rave/desert party/etc etc tonight? (11/26/03)
if you dint mind my being bored you should add me
hey missi.....you havent been signed on....I talked to hya today.....heard whats up.....if you need anything at all, call me. 870-soul. Im down the street. I dunno what I could do, but if you need anything, just lemme know.